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Pendrell grant

The grant was made to the Pendrell brothers who helped Charles II escape after the battle of Worcester. It is still administered by the Giffard family and paid today.

After his defeat at the Battle of Worcester in 1651, Charles II fled northwards into Staffordshire, hoping to escape from Oliver Cromwell and the Parliamentarians. He made contact with the Pendrell brothers, who took him to their estate at Boscobel House, disguised him and hid him in an oak tree in the woods as Parliamentarian search parties combed the area. With the help of the Pendrells and several other loyal followers Charles eventually escaped to France until he was restored to the throne in 1660. He did not forget the people who had helped him escape, and he made an annual grant of money to the Pendrell family which was to be paid to them and their descendants ‘for ever’ – a gift to say ‘thank you’. The document confirming the grant has become quite famous in its own right and now forms part of the Giffard collection at Staffordshire Record Office.