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Granny’s teapot

This was given to my mum by a very old friend who referred to it as ‘Granny’s teapot’. It was got out only on special occasions (which included mum’s visits to see her). She was a friend of a friend who was asked to keep an eye on mum when she went on her own from Scotland to London to do nursing training in the 1940s. The lady had also been a nurse but had trained 50 years earlier and was uncertain what to do with ‘a modern miss’. Luckily, they got on like a house on fire and kept in touch until she died in 1968 at the age of 98. Her grandmother was born in 1820 and died in 1886 but we don’t know when she acquired the teapot. I’ve always loved the teapot because of all the stories associated with it. The teapot lid has a crack mended with soldering iron (or something metal anyway). She hated sewing but was at home with tools.