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Cigarette Dispenser

Ivor Farr

This unusual and unique object was a retirement present for Ivor Farr. It is a cigarette dispenser made by his colleagues at English Electric Co., Stafford from steel, aluminium and mounted on a bakelite base, and presented to him on his retirement on 31 December 1967 by his colleagues. It was a humorous testament to his reputation as a heavy smoker!

Designated as ‘OQK3 MKV Power Unit With Top Mounted Cigarette Dispenser’ it comes with a detailed instruction booklet and a folder of test certificates. It went through the same manufacturing and testing process as the large industrial transformers and generators EEC specialised in. Ivor went on to have a long and happy retirement, spending time on his hobbies including cine and still photography, before passing away in 1990 at the age of 88.